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At Alpha Omega Water Technologies our cutting edge devices are designed to stimulate
activity in water to fully utilise its beneficial properties.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of water, we provide sustainable green
water technology with zero bio hazard risk for various applications around the world.

quartz & amethyst

Crystals are millions of years old, dating back to the earliest parts of Earth’s formation. They represent the most orderly structure existent in nature and have been used over millennia by countless cultures.

vortex structure

The optimum method of shaping and stabilizing water atoms, in their most efficient form is motion, and the best motion is the vector of a vortex.

magnet utilization

The combination of magnets and water allows for a positive reorganization of water molecules which can positively impact countless aspects of life, including increased nutrient intake ability in the human body.

AO Home

Water plays an essential part in the health of families around the world. As water is the elementary condition for life to grow, it can also change yours. Learn more

One of the main components in the AO Home Device is copper in combination with quartz and amethyst. It has been demonstrated clearly in many scientific studies conducted over several decades that copper has rapid, broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy against some of the most toxic species of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The AO Home device is extremely portable and can easily be retrofitted into your existing home plumbing system; allowing your family to realise the full benefits of the AO Home device while drinking, showering and gardening.


AO Bed

Water has the potential to not only support, but also to uplift our entire wellbeing. Through years of research and development, we have discovered that water has amazing properties not previously known to western medicine. Learn more

As modern day technology advances, we are able to incorporate the elements contained in our devices with teachings from eastern medicine, to fully utilise the positive effects of magnetic fields on water.

The AO Bed device is portable and can easily be retrofitted into existing spas and clinics, as well as therapy beds used in a wide range of applications.


AO Hydro

Water plays a crucial role in the farming and manufacturing process. By fully utilising the benefits of AO Hydro, the processes can be more efficient, resulting in cost savings and a higher quality product. Learn more

Studies have shown that magnetised water has a higher pH, conductivity and osmotic pressure compared to non-magnetised water. Therefore it has better permeability through microbial cell membranes. The change in water characteristics, in turn, can influence the metabolic activity of bacteria and their enzyme activity affecting the microflora of an entire ecosystem. In combination with the proprietary components contained within AO Hydro and the craftsmanship of the device, we can excel many benchmarks set for the farming and manufacturing industry.

The AO Hydro device is extremely portable and can easily be retrofitted into existing farming and manufacturing plumbing systems.



at Akloma BioScience AB, Medeon
Science Park, Malmö, Sweden.

Analysis Report: AlphaOmega (distilled) water Distilled water (Apotekt AB, Sweden) was activated by the AlphaOmega tube. UV/VIS (ultraviolet/visible) Spectroscopy conducted using PG Instruments Ltd, and TIRI (termal infrared imaging) and DFA (detrended fluctuation, i.e. fractality) analysis using RAZ IR thermal camera system, Sierra Pasific Innovations Corporation, US


Water is a spectacular molecule. Recent science, even if debated, has shown that liquid water is not just one but two. The dual nature, makes water flipper between a low density highly ordered and high density less ordered ordinary liquid (dominating at about 80%). According to the theory of quantum electrodynamics the liquid state of living organisms should exist in the low density highly ordered state. The results obtained on AO water from the two experiments, TIRI/DFA and UV/VIS spectroscopy, support a transition towards the ordered state, which would propose a healthy function.

Responsible investigator: Benny Johansson.


at GDV International Dornbierer, an Institute for Energetic Metering in Bludenz, Austria

Analysis Report: using the GDV / EPC method (Gas Discharge Visualisation / Electro Photonic Capture). Development of Hard- and Software by Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, St.Petersburg, Russia.


The tests done on a series of single drops show a difference between the AlphaOmega activated tap water and the non-activated tap water in area and intensity of electrophotonic discharge. The area was measured to be almost 20% larger, also the intensity was significantly higher. Testing the entropy did not show significant differences.

It is also remarkable that the AlphaOmega water drops are far more stable than other waters tested (tap water, famous brand of bottled drinking water, distilled water). In the long-time-discharge test the AlphaOmega drops were stable on average for 4 minutes, whereas the tap and bottled water only lasted 2,5-3 minutes and the distilled water less than one minute.

These tests indicate a special energetic charge of the AlphaOmega water.

Responsible investigator: Elisabeth Dornbierer Pirchl (energy analist)


I am not a mystic at all but I am fully convinced that there are subtle effects in life. And I am convinced of Alpha Omega Water and the device. Even my bakers are convinced of it. We produce all our bakery products with this water after intense tryals and investigation in the very beginning.

First our bakers were thinking: “Again, our boss has crazy ideas. He brings us this stuff and asks us to use it.“ But then they realized that the water was changed. Not only this. They also realized that the dough was different and takes up more water, has a better consistency and cohesion and that all their bakery products become more “juicy.”

There are much more effects to it which one can experience when one drinks this water. Therefore we offer this water to our guests in our cafés and receive throughout very positive feedback because this Alpha Omega Water is a very enjoyable, soothing and positive water.

Meinhard Rediske, 8 Cafés in 3 cities


The activated water is offered daily to everybody in our school.

Head Master, Löchgau Germany